In March of 2019, we worked with Ashleigh Shim from the Jamaican Women’s National Team who hosted a Free two day soccer clinic in the Miami Springs area. Our goal was to encourage girls within our local to community to play soccer and to meet female pros in the game!

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JUNE 2018

Soul & Sole Community Organization in partnership with TRAINED2GO SOCCER ACADEMY hosted a unique World Cup themed soccer camp.  Our focus was to teach the technical and tactical aspects of the beautiful game while encompassing the love, spirit and energy that the World Cup brings!  

Coaches: Yaneash Donaldson and Ashleigh Shim



JULY 2018

Soul & Sole Community Organization hosted an all girls Football clinic in Kingston, Jamaica. Our goal is to empower and educate girls on the benefits that sports can provide in their everyday life. This introductory football clinic afforded young girls (ages 8-12) the opportunity to meet and work with upstanding women in their local and international communities. 

Location: Barbican Football Field

Coaches: Yaneash Donaldson, Kai-Lin Hernandez, Xavier Gilbert, Rachel Walters, Stephanie Yee Sing, Trisha West and Toni Dunn

Guest Speakers: Olivia Rose: Sports Psychologist  @oliviakrose & Johnanna Richards: Water Resources Engineer

Photographer: Wellesley Watson @alex_prime1



August 2018

Preseason Camp with our partners from TRAINED2GO SOCCER ACADEMY  

Coaches: Yaneash Donaldson and Ashleigh Shim